My name is Pranisha Nemkul and I am from Siddhipur, Lalitpur. I completed my schooling from Shree Siddhimangal Secondary school and +2 in Science from Pentagon International College with the help of Samaanta fellowship.

I had always dreamed of working in medical field one day. So, with the guidance of teachers and Samaanta foundation I enrolled myself in preparation classes for my entrance examination after +2.

To pursue the bachelor’s degree itself is an expensive course and my family couldn’t even imagine about the cost for medical studies. So, I had to do my best in the entrance exam and get the scholarship. I studied hard, sometimes got de-motivated for not being able to do well in weekly exams of the preparation classes but my family always supported me to remain dedicated.

During the time of preparation, I had developed a little bit more interest towards Dentistry than other subjects in the medical field. The day came when the universities published notice regarding forms and exams. I planned to give four exams so that I could make my name for the scholarship at least in one of the universities especially to study Dentistry.

The results were published and for the scholarship further more forms were needed to be filled up in Ministry of Education. Within a week the results of scholarships were published but I didn’t know about it as I forgot to check their website that day.

A week later, I got a call. I thought it was from consultancy but it wasn’t. I had saved the contact number of Ministry of Education (MOE) and, I immediately answered the call. They said I’ve received the scholarship and asked me to bring all my documents. In disbelief, I checked the website too and when I saw my name in scholarship list of Dentistry, I was happy and relieved to know that now I’ll be studying my Bachelors in Dental Surgery at College of Medical Sciences, Chitwan.

Even though it was happy news for me, at the same time I was little bit worried that now I have to stay far from my home. I’m a little introvert in nature and it takes me time to open up to people. But with passing days I convinced myself that I will be able to adapt in a new environment there.

The first day of the college was overwhelming for me. I was very nervous and afraid when I got into my class for the first time. Seeing new faces and studying new classes made me feel like I was dreaming. First month of my college was about adjusting with people and studies, as I was not able to fully understand the topics taught by teachers. Whereas during the lockdown period, we all had to take virtual classes and I was actually able to revise the topics and understand the new lessons better.

Chitwan is very different from my hometown but, I’m enjoying the experience. I would like to thank everyone who supported me to be here. I am very grateful to Samaanta foundation for playing a vital role in guiding me to reach to the place where I am today. Besides this Samaanta foundation is also helping me financially in my studies. Valuing all the support, I’m utilizing available resources and working hard every day to live up to my own expectations.