By Manisha Thapa Magar

Friendship is a bond that develops between two people drawn together by common interests. It is built over a period of time and grows. Friends share each-others company and share activities. They have a mutually helping and understanding attitude towards each other. True friendship has that loyal and honest and trust to each other. There is sympathy and empathy between friends and they are the part of each-  others joys and sorrows.  A good friend is the best guide.

One time, my friends and I went to Godawari. We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of plants and flowers. The environment was so nice that day and we were also so excited to look at natural beauty. We ate different kinds of noodles, chocolates, and many other things. It is said the greatest test of friendship is when one is in trouble, you see who advises and supports you. All my friends are really helpful and we share with each other our problems.

That day out with friends was really good. I learned from that day that friends share the same value system. For friendships to last, one has to be flexible, adjusting and willing to resolve conflicts or accept disagreements. True friends always seek the welfare of each other.