I always had a lot of questions on my mind about my interests. I used to ask myself, “What am I passionate about?” What do I want to achieve in life? Where do I see myself in the future?

We have been convinced that if we get a degree, we will get a proper job and it will be easier entering the business world.  But I’ve learned that in today’s competitive world, a degree in itself  isn’t enough. To grow, we require a set of experiences as well as skills. Therefore I decided to develop those and explore the opportunities.

In order to explore my interests, initially I decided to do an internship. Therefore I joined Karkhana Pvt. Ltd as a finance intern. During my internship, I came to identify my interest to some extent and I also learned how an organization can operate their day-to-day activities.   It was just the beginning for me. I did not want to end exploring at this level. We always crave for something more than we have, I indeed wanted to do more so, I was exploring more opportunities to enhance the skill that I had learned during my internship days. I was looking forward to some promising work and surprisingly, I got an email from my college about a job vacancy as a part-timer at the Business Brainz. They were looking for a research data analyst and I was pretty much happy with all their conditions and I immediately applied for that post without any second thought. It was for the first time that I was giving an interview for a job. I had some sort of excitement and curiosity but, I still remember even though it was an online interview, my whole body was trembling out of nervousness. However, I believed in my willingness, overcame all my nervousness and faced the interview.  My willingness and hard work finally paid off, I was selected for that position. I was so happy and excited to start my new journey with Business Brainz.  Besides happiness and excitement, I was a bit nervous because the role that was offered was completely new to me.

Since this was my first job I wanted to give my best because it was not only a job for me, it was a place of knowledge and experience where I can practically learn the sales & marketing strategies to boost the sales through the different marketing strategies. One of the marketing strategies is account-based marketing (ABM), which is the business strategy that focuses on B2B where sales and marketing teams work together for getting best-fit accounts and turning those accounts into customers. There are only a few such companies in the industry, so I wanted to learn about the process. So, these aspects encouraged me more to join Business Brainz. Moreover, I always wanted to gather as much experience as I can, so this opportunity fueled me more to be a part of it.

There are many skills and tactics that I learned. The very first skill that I have learned is time management. Since we are undergraduate students, it is difficult for all of us to manage a full-time job and also at the same time we are obliged to do our college assessment and get engaged in other activities. Being a project lead, I have to coordinate with people every day, and I have to make sure to enhance the efficiency of the project so that I need to communicate with my team members regarding the work and other problems or any dilemmas they are facing while doing their work.

During the period of lockdown, we were doing pilot projects for our new client. At that time, we had worked for nearly 13 to 14 hours per day but still, I was able to manage my classes and college assignments and I was really enjoying the whole period. I have learned the marketing strategy of businesses that the company is using to onboard the new customers. Also I’m learning to approach people through LinkedIn. 

In a nutshell, this job is the first step of my career and will add value to my future endeavors. The experiences from this opportunity will help me to understand the work, nature and operation of different industries. Currently, there are eight fellows from the Samaanta working in Business Brainz and three of us are already leading the team. This was just possible because of the support and motivation from my entire Samaanta family. Thank you so much for always supporting me in exploring new things, learning as well as helping to grow. 

Meghanath Dulal(6th Cohort)