The Fellowship

Samaanta Foundation provides comprehensive fellowships, which covers tuition fees, accommodation, and any other related expenses for transportation, lab and exam fees, etc. of the fellows. Fellows are placed in higher education institutions with proven track records. Recognizing that success in higher education does not depend only on the classroom, the fellowship offers extra-curricular support, mentorship and networking opportunities to enrich their educational experience.

In a nutshell, what Samaanta offers its fellows is Education Plus.

We seek to create an enabling environment for our fellows so that they do not only become empowered themselves but also contribute towards the empowerment of their communities. Our mission is not to provide charity but to reward the fellows for their good work and to encourage and support them to achieve even more in the days to come. We expect our fellows to sustain their excellent record, take ownership of their education by all means possible, nurture a sense of giving to others in need and facilitate better and more equitable outcomes in their communities. Towards this, Samaanta will engage the fellows in a community service project during theirĀ fellowship period.

How much does a Fellowship cost?

Cost ItemsCost (USD)
Misc college expenses (admission fees, exam fees, lab fees, etc.)50-100
Books and stationery50-100
Uniform (including shoes, school bags, etc.)80
Additional academic support50-100
Room and Board900
Trainings/workshops (English language, Computer class, etc.)50
Total1650 - 2400