We are pleased to share that two of our fellows have recently graduated from their international degrees.

Anita Tamang has recently graduated from Luther College in the US with a Major in Global Health and Minor in Biology. At the same time, Asmita Mandal has completed her International Baccalaureate degree from UWC Red Cross Nordic. They have been on a remarkable journey, and we are so proud of their international achievements!

In their own words:

Anita: ” For me, becoming the first woman to receive a college degree from my village marks the beginning of something new – a catalyst for change. In the past four years, I’ve learned and grown so much. However, it would not have been possible without the support of the Samannta family and many extended Samannta families, professors, mentors, friends, and family. Thank you all.”

” Asmita: “To be honest, studying abroad and being part of UWC was never my dream because I couldn’t even have imagined it. I can see that I have become a different Asmita: more critical, more kind, and always reaching out to people for help and to help them as well. It was not easy, and there were times when I wanted to give up but I remembered myself, my supporters, and all the people who have encouraged me. I would like to thank you and the whole Samaanta family for supporting me throughout the journey.

Well done, Anita and Asmita! We are so proud of you, and cannot wait to follow your fantastic adventures!