By Amir Khokali

I heard of Samaanta when I am was class 10. At that time I didn’t know about its oppor-tunities and I was very excited to learn about it. I asked my teachers of Teach for Nepal. After my SEE examination, I applied for this fellowship and I got selected. That is when I understood Samaanta and its value.

Two years ago, I didn’t know about community work, which helps to develop self-confidence. Now, I also participate in my community and I am helping to solve the problem of water resources.

I also got importance guidance from my Samaanta family on choosing a suitable subject for my bright career. Samaanta is a family where everyone learns different things in different ways. We talk about the different types of social issues and discuss the ways to solve these issues.

I have also learned leadership skills, communications, participation, cooperation, and different types of opportunities. I learned these in many ways: by playing games, sharing experiences, celebrating different festivals, and appreciating and encouraging each other.

Samaanta is the best family for every fellow.