By Sanumaya Bholon

Society is part of a nation and is a small unity of people who have different religions and castes. Is it necessary to develop society? Yes, of course. Why not? Developing society means developing the people of society. Society and people have a relationship like that between root and stem of a plant. All people have responsibilities and duties to uplift the condition of society. In my society, there are two main issues: one, youth are not involved in enough social activities and two, menstruation is a stigma. These days, youth are not interested enough in social activities. They are spending too much time on social media such as Facebook, Viber, to chat with friends and new people. Teachers have a role to involve the students in social activities because our education comes from school. From school, we can start our journey to make a club.

Another issue is the stigma of menstruation in my society. When girls get periods, they are prohibited from going to the temple or kitchen. This has been such a tradition where even educated girls are forced to follow it. We think that to go in the kitchen or temple during our period is sinful. But that’s totally wrong. We found that in the past, there were no pads and girls used pieces of cloth. So, when she entered the kitchen, her blood would be seen here and there on the floor or cooking tools. That’s why they are prohibited from the kitchen. When girls would go to the temple, they would bend their knees to worship gods and goddesses and when they bend their knee, there would be an overflowing of blood. Now, we are taking this as culture and tradition. After learning this, I went to the temple during my period to prove to myself but nothing happened.

If we want to bring change first you need to change and show to others that they can follow you and also move on.