Fellows Overview

  • Total – 90
  • Male – 36
  • Female – 54

Since our founding in 2012, Samaanta Foundation has supported 90 Fellows across 11 cohorts. This year, we have 51 active Fellows.

Equity and inclusion are at the heart of our work at Samaanta, and we are proud of our record. 60% of our Fellows have been girls; 49% of our Fellows are janajatis (indigenous groups), 13% of our Fellows are Dalits, and 6% of our Fellows are Madheshis. We are committed to our inclusion ambitions and want to improve further in supporting deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We currently have Fellows representing 15 districts across 6 provinces in Nepal:

Ambition to support 60 active fellows each year by 2025

Academic Performance & Development

Over the years, our fellows have performed tremendously well. We present below our Fellows who have received prestigious international and national scholarships.

UWC Scholarships

United World Colleges (UWC) is a global movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. It is one of the most prestigious and competitive higher secondary education programs in the world.

In the last eight years, 8 of our Fellows have been offered full scholarships to attend UWC colleges worldwide. Those who have graduated from UWC have then gone on to receive further scholarships to pursue their undergraduate degrees in liberal arts colleges in the US.

·        Gyanmaya Tamang has been selected to attend UWC-USA for 2023 

·        Sitamaya Tamang is attending UWC Robert Bosch College in Germany 

·        Shrijana Tamang is attending UWC Maastricht in the Netherlands

·        Sunita Nepali is attending UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway

·        Asmita Kumari Mandal graduated from UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway, and is currently an undergraduate student at St Olaf College in the US

·        Susmita Giri graduated from UWC Mostar in Bosnia, and is currently an undergraduate student at Luther College in the US

·        Anita Tamang graduated from UWC Mahindra in India, and then completed her undergraduate degree from Luther College in the US

·         Biwastha Khadka graduated from UWC Mostar in Bosnia, and then completed her undergraduate degree from Luther College in the US

BRAC Scholarship 

BRAC University is a private liberal arts university in Bangladesh.  

Prajit Giri has received a full scholarship for his undergraduate degree from BRAC University. 

Asian University for Women Scholarships

Asian University for Women (WUC) is a fully independent international University in Bangladesh dedicated to women’s education and leadership development. AUW educates and empowers women leaders through the transformative power of liberal arts and sciences education. 

Three of our fellows, Shuvechchha Karki, Sonam Tamang, and Saraswoti Adhikari, are attending AUW on full scholarships.  


MoE Scholarship

Women LEAD Fellowships

Women LEAD is one of the first organizations in Nepal that provides women’s leadership development training and advocacy.

Samaanta Foundation Fellows have a consistent track record of being selected for this prestigious leadership program each year, with 14 fellows having gone through this program since 2015.

Bina Sherpa (2015), Pema Choedon Lama (2016), Archana Giri (2017), Anjana Nagarkoti (2018), Sanu Maya Bholon (2018), Asmita Kumari Mandal (2019), Pramila Rana Magar (2019), Thuli Tamang (2020), Dawa Lamho Tamang (2020), Prerana Tamng (2020), Shova Adhikari (2021), Ranjita Ramtel (2021), Dila KC (2021) and Deepa Amgai (2021) from left to right, top to bottom.

Her Turn Award

Hamro Paila– Our Turn- introduced this Her Turn award in 2020 to recognize and reward young girls for their leadership and contributions in their communities.


Prerana Tamang(Left) and Ranjita Ramtel (Right) received this leadership award in 2022.

Aakar Nepal Fellowship

Aakar Nepal equips youth with training, mentorship, and resources to lead social initiatives. The fellowship provides support for three months to guide youth to create and execute a project of their choice dedicated to creating social impact.

·        Deepa Amgai, Dila KC, Dipak Kurmi, Jay Kumar Sahani, Shova Adhikari, and Yubraj Alemagar (from left to right, top to bottom in the  picture)  received the Aakar Nepal Fellowship in 2022

·        Yubraj Ale Magar received the Best Project award, and Dipak Kurmi received the Highest overall improvement award for their projects as part of this Fellowship