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Archana Giri (Bachelor in Business Administration)

Archana Giri (Bachelor in Business Administration)

Fifth Cohort

Archana comes from an agricultural family in Sindhupalchowk. Her family has limited access to farmland. Her father is a retired army officer and her mother is a housewife.  The earthquake destroyed her home and her former school. Her family’s financial constraints while growing up and the hardships added by the earthquake did not prevent her from doing well in her Year 10 exams and dreaming big. She had even considered paying for high school in Kathmandu by getting a menial job to support herself financially.

As a Samaanta fellow, Archana studied Business Management in high school at Pentagon International College. She wants to become a successful banker one day. During the two years of Samaanta fellowship she has excelled not only in her studies, but also grown a lot as a person.

Archana has continued her keen interest in extra-curricular activities as a Samaanta fellow. Her major accomplishment this year has been in social leadership.  She was selected as one of only 30 young leaders under WomenLEAD, which is a leadership training program for young women in the country. 

At Samaanta, she has been an active fellow who never hesitates to assist in organizing events and workshops at the office. She is very reflective of her own strengths and weaknesses and wants to further improve her skills in time management, prioritization of her tasks and teamwork. Currently she’s pursuing her Bachelors degree in Business administration (BBA) at Thames College. Samaanta Foundation has provided a full fellowship to Archana to complete her Bachelor’s degree.