Meet our Fellows

Rojina Thapa (Bachelor in Business Administration Graduate)

Rojina Thapa (Bachelor in Business Administration Graduate)

First Cohort

Rojina completed her high school from Prasadi Academy with Samaanta fellowship. We rewarded her excellent performance by renewing her fellowship for four years, allowing her to continue her education to the Bachelor’s level. Her excellent performance in her studies as well as college entrance exams ensured that she received a 50% tuition scholarship from Thames College and  completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Rojina lives with her parents and her four siblings (three sisters and a brother). Her father has to travel often for work, and her mother had a serious injury a few months ago that has restricted her mobility. Rojina has had to step up to care for the family more as a result, but she can now focus on her studies as her mother has made a partial recovery.

Outside of the classroom, Rojina likes to travel and discover new places, read books, and make friends. She also had an opportunity to do an internship at NIBL Bank, one of the leading bank of Nepal.