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Roshana Thapa (Nursing)

Roshana Thapa (Nursing)

First Cohort

Roshana Thapa missed scoring a distinction in her SLC by four points, but that setback has given her the motivation and the drive to march forward with greater conviction. Her village has not produced a doctor yet, let alone a female one, but she hopes to be the first and serve her community. Having experienced the high costs and long journeys to access even basic health facilities, she is determined to make life a little easier for her near and dear ones. Besides, most of her neighbours are still superstitious, but she hopes her medical background will convince them about the wonders of medicine.

Roshana has triumphed over adversities throughout her life. Her educational career began at Tarapunja Secondary School, a local private school. However, in sixth grade, she was forced to move to Bishwamitra Ganesh because she could no longer afford to pay the fees at Tarapunja. The move to the public school was unexpected but not unwelcome, as she soon established herself as a diligent student. The love and care she received at the school made her feel at home, and encouraged her to do better. She especially enjoyed Social Studies lessons because they were relevant and contemporary, helping her shape ideas about village life and what it meant to live in a community.

Roshana’s parents are separated, with her mother raising her. She has an older brother, who now lives with her father, and a half-brother. Her mother sells milk and sometimes works as an agricultural labourer to make ends meet. She does not know where, or whether, she would have been able to continue with her education without Samaanta’s support.

Roshana is an avid reader and story books particularly interest her. She also enjoys making new friends. Although she has never played basketball, she is intrigued by the sport and is considering trying it out in college.

Roshana completed her higher secondary degree from Graded English Medium School (GEMS) in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur in 2014.