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Anita Tamang

Anita Tamang

Fourth Cohort

Hello everybody, I am Anita Tamang. My permanent home is in a village in Nuwakot district. Currently I am not In Nuwakot. Where am I now? It does not matter — but I love Nuwakot
and I will continue to love Nuwakot while I am alive.

I completed my SLC from Shree Siddhimangal Higher Secondary School. But before I moved to Kathmandu, I used to study at Shree Belkot Bhanjyang Secondary School. During my school years, I was an excellent student from Grades 1 to 5. During Grades 6 to 8, I went through a difficult time because of lack of family support and non-supportive teachers who hit us with sticks at school.

After we moved to Kathmandu, I was a hardworking student. The 2 years (Grades 9-10) of my school journey were completely different when compared with my previous school. It was possible because of Teach for Nepal Teachers.

After SLC, I did not have any special plans but was considering joining either the Police or the Army. I did know, that I wanted to continue my studies even though there was no economic support nor the support of my family. I made a plan to work and earn money to continue to study.

I was successful at school and was involved in a lot of activities outside of academics. I won prizes in competitions such as painting, debating, public speaking and was recognized for my Volunteer work at the Red Cross.

When I got selected for Samaanta Foundation as one of the first students from Shree Siddhi Mangal Higher Secondary School and from Nuwakot, I was very happy. I am now an International Student at the United World College with a full scholarship, which I consider an achievement that is important in my life.

I do not know how to describe the Samaanta Foundation. For me, it is a foundation which changed my life because it taught me to be myself. It taught me to be confident and hardworking. I also learned to nurture relationships with new friends from different geographical locations as well as different economic backgrounds and cultures. I have learned to challenge myself, learned to solve problems, and I have learned to be responsible for my actions. Most importantly, I learned to raise my voice to be heard.

During all this time, I really missed my mother. My mother passed away a few years ago. When other students here at the college talk about their mothers, it makes me cry and I miss my mother even more. I imagine telling her about my days like my friends do even though it’s not possible anymore.

I am now learning about everything which is happening around country as well as out of country. I have learnt about things outside of my studies such as the theater, the karkhaana , and charity events. I have a plan for the future to provide work in Social Service. But this is not my only plan. I do have a special professional aim, that I am working towards.

I promise I will do well in further life and I won’t be disappointed if I will fail to fulfill my dreams. I will try, and keep on trying until I get to my destination. I will also never forget my Nuwakot, My Aashu, Aagu Dai, Teach For Nepal and Teachers, Samaanta Foundation, Nepal National Committee and UWC Mahindra College.