Meet our Fellows

Manisha Deshar (BSc in Computer Science and IT, St. Xavier’s College)

Fourth Cohort

I am Manisha Deshar from Lalitpur. I completed my S.L.C from Jyotidaya Secondary School. Currently, I’m pursuing my Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Information technology from St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar

I like gardening, painting, and observing nature as I find it peaceful and it makes me happy. Besides these, I am also interested in sports like badminton and chess. I am interested in learning new things, meeting new people, and sharing ideas to implement things in life to create change. I love to watch inspirational and motivational videos to strengthen my willpower and to be determined in my goal.

I live in a joint family. I have 15 members in my family including two sister-in laws and their young children, my three older sisters and three older brothers. Most members of my family are involved in agriculture and it is the main source of income for us. One of my brothers is also a photographer. My mother and father are getting old and my older brother makes all the household decisions for us. I am thankful to God for my loving family.

I was a good student in school. My hard work and support of my family and my teachers have been important in motivating me to perform my best. I also received many awards and prizes both in academic and non-academic competitions. I regularly took part in poetry, essay, and debate competitions during this time.

Being a member of Gen Nep, I have volunteered in street dramas based on social awareness as well as in City Cleaning programs. Being a member of ECCA, I was trained to make chlorine drops which can kill germs and make water clean for drinking. We helped run stalls for the distribution of these drops in the community. Furthermore, I got involved in different events by Teach for Nepal, WDAC and Udaan Club (St. Xavier’s College).

So far my experience in Samaanta have helped me develop my communication skills, ways to deal with my own failures and how to set goals and priorities in life. The level of exposure and opportunity to socialize with people have made me realize my own strengths and potentials.

Since I have interest in Data Analytics and information technology, I would love to run a community project in future using my current knowledge in computer science and information technology.