Meet our Fellows

Pema Choedon Tamang (BBA, Thames College)

Pema Choedon Tamang (BBA, Thames College)

Fourth Cohort

I am Pema Choedon Tamang from Humla district. I have spent my school life in Humla. I did my SLC from Shree Mahabauddha Secondary Yalwang School, and scored an aggregate of 65% with First Division.

I have 5 members in my family – my mom, three sisters, and me. I am the eldest daughter of my family. When I was 13 years old, my dad passed away. I didn’t know the cause of his death. During this difficult time, all of my maternal uncles, grandpa and grandma were very supportive and strong around us.

My mom is a housewife. She also works as a farmer. She loves and cares for us and motivates us to focus on our studies. My grandparents are also supportive and always encourage us to do well in school. I am very much motivated to gain a degree in higher education and all my relatives are very helpful and supportive towards this

I heard about Samaanta Foundation through our school. Our head teacher told us about Samaanta and also gave us the application forms. We then had interviews and we were informed about the Fellowship in more detail. A week after that, I came to Kathmandu. It was my first trip on an airplane and I was really excited and enjoyed my interesting and memorable trip. I completed my +2 in Management from Pentagon College.

Pema completed her SLC from Mahaboudha Secondary School, two hours walk from her home in Yalbang, Humla. As the eldest of four siblings, she has had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities at home since her father passed away a few years ago. She was still a very active student at school and participated in many extra-curricular activities.

Pema is our first fellow from Humla, one of the most rural parts of the country, and her successful adaptation to city life and schooling in Kathmandu has given us the confidence to continue to find talented students from the most inaccessible areas in Nepal. She was  selected as the leader of WOMEN LEAD, the first and only professional and leadership development organization for young women in Nepal. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Thames College.