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Rojina Khadka

Rojina Khadka

Fourth Cohort

Its me, Rojeena Khadka. I am from Lalitpur, Malaxmi Municipality. The name of my village is Jyamirkot and it is 1 hour north from Lubhu. There are six members in my family: my grandmother, my father, my mother, my two older sisters, my brother and me. I am the youngest in my family. My father supports our family by working as a bus driver.

I completed my secondary school from SEBS school which was a half hour walk from my house. When I was in grade nine I was enrolled in Shree Bishwamitra Ganesh Secondary School which has since become the high school of Technical studies. From 2070 BS, a new curriculum was established where a student of class 10 could get a chance to study electrical engineering. So, I chose that subject because it was a new course and a few students could get the chance to study electrical engineering from an early age. Electrical engineering was a really interesting course for me back then. Currently I’m pursuing my Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Patan College. 

However, my ambition was to get into the medical field and to be a doctor. So, after SLC, I got a fellowship from Samaanta foundation for my higher studies. This is why I’m studying Science after Grade 10 and majoring in Biology.

I am really thankful to my teachers for their support and help. What I am today is all because of my teachers who taught me to always work hard and have faith in myself.

I am also grateful to Samaanta Foundation who have believed in me. They are supporting me today not only financially but also by guiding me in the path of progress by creating different learning opportunities. I love the Foundation and consider them my family, and who are against gender discrimination, practice equality, and are always there to support me.