Meet our Fellows

Suraj Parajuli (Bachelors in Healthcare Management, Noble College)

Fourth Cohort

I am Suraj Parajuli from Sangachok, Sindhupalchok district about 70 KM from the capital city of Kathmandu. I completed my SLC examination from Shree Jana Jagriti higher secondary school of Sangachok. Currently, I’m pursuing my Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management from Nobel College. Since I studied animal science at school, it helped me enroll in the technical Stream.

As a result of support from Samaanta, I gathered confidence to participate in many extracurricular activities like debate competitions, quiz contests, essay competitions as well as poetry competitions. For a shy boy like me, its a big deal to secure second position in a public speaking competition.

My family is completely dependent on agriculture, and the products of our farming are only just sufficient for us to live on. I have one younger and two older sisters (married), my father, and my grandmother in my family. My mother passed away when I was in Grade 8.

I passed my SLC in 2071 B.S. with an A+ grade. I was enthusiastic and excited after I received the news about my good grades. But there was quite a dilemma of where and how I was going to study further. I wanted to study Science in a good college but my family was not able to support me. It was around this time that the Earthquake destroyed our house. In this tough situation, I had not imagined that I would be able to study further.

My recent selection as a Teach for Nepal College lead is something I’m really excited about. Since I feel that I’ve somehow figured out my strengths, weaknesses and proper networking, I feel confident enough to face any challenge that come my way.  In one hand, I totally respect the support that I’ve received so far from Samaanta and in other, I even respect the opportunity where I’ve managed to set my own life goal. I’ve developed a huge interest in Entrepreneurship and in future I really want to build a community hospital. This eventually proves that so far my experience in Samaanta foundation has been amazing.