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Sushila Thapa Magar

Sushila Thapa Magar

Fourth Cohort

I am Sushila Thapa Magar, better known as Bina. I am originally from Ramechhap. I had studied there upto Grade Three. Then, my family migrated to Lalitpur, where I again continued my studies in Shree Shringeri community secondary school. During the transition period, it was very hard for me to adapt in an environment which was totally different than the one I had seen and experienced before. I used to be not able to speak up in front of the teachers and even with friends. I felt very insecure in my studies too. But because of my continuous labour and courage as well as support from my family and teachers, I was finally able to do well in my studies. Later, I took my SLC from Shringeri School and then studued at VS Niketan college in Grade 12 in the Science stream.

I am very interested to learn new things and implement it in my real life. I like to visit peaceful places where I can see the real beauty of nature. I am interested in reading novels, stories, and motivational videos that help me to increase my inner strength, willpower and direct me to be positive. Besides these, I also have interest in public speaking, anchoring, and I try to grab every opportunity to engage in these activities.

There are altogether six members in my family including me, my two older sisters and one younger brother. My father was working at Pasmina Garden but now he is staying at home after getting sick a few months ago. So my mother has started driving recently. 

I was awarded with Nanda Kishwor Prativa prize for scoring the highest percentage in DLE and distinction in SLC among public schools in five VDCs. I was also the first runner up of a public speaking competition which was also conducted by Nanda Kishwor Prativa Pratisthan among different public schools of Lalitpur. While studying at Grade 9 and 10, I had got scholarships from Kisk Nepal because of my good grades.

After SLC, I had a great dilemma about where to study and how to continue my higher studies as I had determined to study Science which was unaffordable to my family. I knew about the Samaanta Foundation fellowship as two senior students from my school had already been selected from the Foundation. I also got a chance to apply to it. After a rigorous selection process, now, I am one of the fellows of Samaanta Foundation. I am the first person in my family to study Science.