Shrijana Tamang

Ninth Cohort

Shrijana is originally from Panchpokhari Thangpal, Sindhupalchowk and is a graduate of Shree Raithane Secondary School.

The topper of her class and district topper in Grade 8, Shrijana is extremely enthusiastic about science. Shrijana has received full scholarships since her childhood, and has shown remarkable passion and drive throughout her schooling. Back in school, she served as a house captain and president of the Science and Arts Club. 

Shrijana was raised by her mother as a single parent and her family has been through many financial, social, and emotional challenges. She aspires to become an ophthalmologist. As she has seen her own sister struggle with eye problems, Shrijana believes that pursuing a career in ophthalmology can make a big difference in her community.

Shrijana was studying in grade 12 when she applied for United World Colleges(UWC) scholarship and is currently pursuing IB diploma at UWC Maastricht in the Netherlands.