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Kamal Sunar (Bachelor in Computer Science & IT Graduate)

Kamal Sunar (Bachelor in Computer Science & IT Graduate)

Second Cohort

Kamal is an artist at heart. He loves painting, using colors and drawing, especially painting landscape. He is fascinated by buildings, and wants to design and build innovative buildings. Besides painting, he likes playing football, watching movies, traveling and reading books.

Kamal’s family comprises of his parents and a brother and a sister. His father works as a helper in a clothes shop, whereas his mother is a housewife. It has been very difficult for their family to make ends meet, and their economic circumstances make it difficult for him to pursue higher education. However, Samaanta’s comprehensive support since 2013 has ensured that he completed his secondary schooling from GEMS College, one of the best higher education institutions in Kathmandu valley. With Samaanta’s support, he completed his Bachelor’s degree, and he is the first person in his family to do so.

Kamal has been able to succeed despite the odds because of his determination. He is an unassuming individual who has put in the effort to quietly rise to the top. Whenever a challenge has presented itself, he has met them head on.