Amir Khokhali (A potential Civil Engineer)

Amir Khokhali (A potential Civil Engineer)

Sixth Cohort

I am from Sindhupalchowk and I recently completed my +2 in Science from Pentagon College. Since I was always wanted to pursue a career in engineering, Samaanta supported me with all the enrollment process for preparation classes. Besides that, I like to read story books.

After my SEE exams, teachers from TFN asked me some questions: What do you want to study? How are you going to make that happen? I had not considered my options. I told them I was interested in science but was not sure how it would be possible to study. This is when I learned about the Samaanta Foundation, through the recommendatiaon of my TFN teachers.

I chose to have a career in Civil Engineer because, I believe that this role is incredibly important for Nepal. After the earthquake, which struck my district quite hard, I was confused and frustrated. By being a civil engineer, I can build stronger infrastructures and help with the rebuild process not just in my village but also in other remote areas.

Eventhough it was a bit challenging for me to study in a English-medium private college, I tried my level best to learn and adjust with the environment in Kathmandu. My favorite place here is Narayanhiti Durbar, it was one of the first places we visited as the Foundation’s sixth cohort.