Anjana Nagarkoti (Bachelors in Social Work)

Anjana Nagarkoti (Bachelors in Social Work)

Sixth Cohort

Anjana is our sixth cohort fellow from Lalitpur. From a very early age, Anjana started working in the fields for daily wage and supported her family financially . She had an added responsibility of her younger brother too.

Despite her responsibilities, she always kept education as her priority. She was able to score 3.20 GPA in her SEE. After SEE, she started to work in a construction site so that she could pay for her computer classes. Her resilient nature has made her mentally stronger and more mature than her peers. And recognizing her passion, she was selected for the Samaanta fellowship. Anjana is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in Social Work at Thames College. She completed her +2 in Management from VS Niketan College.

Anjana is always curious and committed to engaging in the community. She was one of the fellows who proposed the idea of fundraising for the Terai Flood Victims. Anjana is among few who has the courage to take her own responsibility and face the challenges and she can be an influencial role model for many girls who remains silent and passive towards the family situation.