Manisha Thapa Magar

Manisha Thapa Magar

Sixth Cohort

I am from Ramechapp but my family currently lives in Lamatar, Lalitpur. I completed my SEE from Shree Shringeri Community Secondary School and studied Science at Pentagon College through the Samaanta Fellowship. Eventually, I want to study Bsc. Nursing, which I have been interested in doing since I was little. My mother’s ill-health inspires me to make a better life for people who are struggling. She had always had a weak immune system but, most recently, she had an issue with her spinal cord which resulted in paralysis. My dream is to get my BSc in Nursing.

In my free time, I like to read novels. Many of these books I actually received as prizes in various competitions like speech and essay writing. Back at home, I would have had other work around the house to do but here I have more time to focus on my homework. Science is quite a difficult subject but I am committed to study it. I do a lot of self-studying at the hostel. It is nice living with other fellows because we can share our concerns with each other. Senior fellows have prepared helpful guides for those studying in the same faculty and I would love to add to that to help prepare incoming fellows. I’d also tell them to make sure they take advantage of this great opportunity.

I had not traveled much before receiving the Fellowship so coming to Kathmandu was a major change for me. There are so many roads. One time, I thought I was on the right road towards the hostel but it turned out, I had taken a different path. Fortunately, a friend was walking in the opposite direction on the same road and she helped me get back on track. Now I can help other friends get around as well. We all support each other. I love sitting in on discussions and seminars with other students. I learn that despite all that my family and I have struggled with, there are so many out there that have gone through similar if not the same issues. That is the most enjoyable part of being a Samaanta fellow. Before, I used to wonder, “Why does this only happen to me?” but here I feel that everyone has similar stories.

If I were not a Samaanta fellow, I would not have studied science, since it is quite expensive and my family would not have been able to afford it. I would have had to leave my dreams of studying science behind. I wish Samaanta is able to provide the support to even more students.