Megnath Dulal

Megnath Dulal

Sixth Cohort

My name is Meghnath Dulal and I grew up in Kavre with my mother, my younger brother, and my younger sister. I was studying at Shree Azad Secondary school under a scholarship till SEE and I was not sure I would continue my education after that. I would probably have to drop out and start working but a teacher at my school recommended to apply for the Samaanta fellowship. I am so happy I did! Through Fellowship, I studied Management at VS Niketan college and have currently enrolled myself for BBA program at King’s College.

I’m glad that the fellowship also gives me a strong support network for adjusting to city life. Even if I had the money to come and study in Kathmandu, without this fellowship, I would have still been alone. Because of the fellowship, I made friends before even the first day of college and I had people to go to classes with. Life in Kathmandu became easier after spending more time with the senior fellows. With my friends, we discuss school work but we also like to have fun and share jokes with each other. We also like to walk and explore the city when we can. So far, one of my favorite places is Swayambhunath. I feel like the culture there is different than I know and it feels like a whole different place.

An important thing I have learned is to not forget about where I come from. We have changed a lot in our time in Kathmandu but it is our homes, families, and our villages that made us who we are and the reason for us to continue studying.