Prajit Giri

6 th Cohort fellow

Prajit Giri is a Bachelor of Business Administration student at Brac University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He hails from the small village of Pokhare in Sindhupalchok. Despite facing challenges during his upbringing, including the loss of his father at a young age and financial difficulties, Prajit has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to learning and self-improvement. In 2017, he completed his school education at Shree Jana Vikas Secondary School and subsequently joined Samaanta Foundation, a fellowship program that enabled him to continue his studies at VS Niketan College in Kathmandu, where he pursued a high school in Management.

 Prajit credits Samaanta Foundation with providing him the tools and support necessary to excel academically and personally, stating that “the leadership programs, communication skills and the supportive team helped me to present myself in the outside world” Through the fellowship program, Prajit was able to develop his personal and professional skills, which have helped him to become a more confident and well-rounded individual. He believes that the guidance and support he received from Samaanta Foundation have been instrumental in his success thus far.

 As a student, Prajit has actively sought out opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. He recently participated in a summer mobility program in Hungary, where he learned about civic engagement and the ways in which students can make a positive impact in their communities. This experience has helped him to develop a better understanding of the role that students can play in shaping their communities. Prajit’s passion for finance and investment has led him to aspire to become an entrepreneur, with the goal of making a positive impact on his community. He states that “I want to do something for the community because I have seen possibilities. The life I am living has been impacted by the people of my society directly so I want to give back to my community as a part of “Pay it Forward”. Prajit is determined to use his education and experiences to make a difference in his community and is confident that he can achieve his goals.