Sagar Shrestha

Sagar Shrestha

Sixth Cohort

Hello! My name is Sagar Shrestha and I am from Sindhupalchowk. My family consists of my mother, father, dai, bhauju, didi, and myself. My father used to sell cigarettes and rice crispies on the street.

At the moment, I am studying Science at Pentagon College. In the future, I want to be an IT engineer, which I hope is a skill I can use to help people in villages like mine. My family really encouraged me to study science but after the earthquake, my chances were slim. I wanted to study in Kathmandu but couldn’t come here to visit schools and see my options because I had to stay home and help my mom.

I am really glad I can pursue my interest in IT. Without Samaanta, I wouldnot be able to study science. I also like being able to connect with other fellows studying the same subject who also understand where I come from and my background. In the hostel, we talk about class and share notes. If one of us is sick, the other fellows, especially those in the same faculty and college, really help the person stay on top of their academics. We are lucky to have the Samaanta family.

I love to sing and draw. I often draw portraits on the whiteboard at Samaanta office and my friends are always asking me to sing at every event. Listening to music and singing has also helped me improve my English. I also like to explore the city with my friends.