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Susmita Giri

Susmita Giri

Sixth Cohort

 I am Susmita Giri, one of the fellows from Samaanta Foundation from Shree Jana Vikash Secondary School, Sindhupalchok. With the fellowship, I continued my 11 th grade in V.S Niketan in Kathmandu. Then I got another golden opportunity to attend United World College Mostar (UWC Mostar) in Bosnia for my high school. From there, I got full scholarship to attend Luther College in the USA where currently I am majoring in Economics and Data Science. This also makes me the first person (only person) from my family to go to college.

Samaanta Foundation’s fellowship was one of the biggest achievements in my life from which my journey from small village to the college in the USA started. At a very young age, I was always curious and loved learning new things and reading books (‘The Power of Subconscious Mind’ is one of my favorites books). I also loved observing social issues in my community. Being born in a rural area as a woman, I had witnessed several discrimination and violence against women (especially the social norms that kept saying that women don’t need much education because at the end their husband will provide for them). I had witnessed child marriage of my own friends and others who suffered a lot as a result. Because of that my biggest motivation from young age was to become financially independent and be able help myself as well as others who are in need. My motivation was the key factor which drove me towards learning new things and growing myself up.

Going to college (even making it to the high school was a huge deal) was my dream because to help myself as well as others, I needed to be more skilled and aware person. But my parents didn’t have enough financial means to support me as they themselves never even made it to the primary school, so their income was pretty low. But I didn’t give up on myself and always hoped for someone to help me out. My dream came true as I got fellowship from Samaanta Foundation. Samaanta Foundation became the single most important thing that I was looking for at that time. After being selected as a fellow, not only I got academic support, but also I got the resources (computers, mental support from friends and staff) which made it easier for me to get another opportunity to go to such a prestigious high school which I had never thought of. And studying Economics and Data science at Luther College in the USA still feels like a dream to me.

Looking back, I must say everything became possible because I didn’t give up and I got the right people (in this case Samaanta Foundation) at right time who believed in me and who saw possibilities in me. I am pretty sure there are a lot of other students in public schools who are looking for the same opportunity as I was and all they need is just a little push towards their success. I hope Samaanta becomes more and more powerful to help all deserving students who are just waiting for right person to show up to lift them up.