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Biwastha Khadka

Biwastha Khadka

Third Cohort

Biwastha was selected as a Samaanta fellow in 2015, and her progress has been remarkable since then. After adjusting quickly to city life in Kathmandu, she was selected in her first year to receive a prestigious fellowship, funded partially by UWC Mostar and partially through a local donor.

In accepting this fellowship, Biwastha became the first person in her village, never mind her family, to travel and live abroad for her studies. Samaanta Foundation continues to act as her local guardian to support her in every way, including speaking to her at least once a week to ensure that she excels in her new environment.

Biwastha has flourished at UWC Mostar, as she has picked up Art and Football as her extra-curricular activities in school. Her academic performance has also been exemplary, and her school has regularly noted how she has become a contributing member of her new community.

Biwastha’s efforts have been reowship to attend United World Colleges (UWC) in Mostar in 2015 with Samaanta’s support. Her efforts were recognized most recently through numerous offers to attend prestigious colleges and universities in the US on full scholarship packages. Samaanta’s small but strategic investment in Biwastha in 2015 has now led to first a two year fellowship in Bosnia and then a four year full scholarship in USA. We are extremely proud of her achievements, and look forward to guiding her as she takes the next steps in her career.