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Utsab Sapkota (Charter Accountancy, CAP I, CCMA)

Utsab Sapkota (Charter Accountancy, CAP I, CCMA)

Third Cohort

There is a saying, “Actions speak louder than words”. The same applies to describe Utsav Sapkota from Bela, Kavrepalchchowk.

Despite pressures to study science owing to his excellent performance in SLC, Utsav enrolled in the management faculty. He was nervous about attending an English medium school and living in the city. Now he has completed his +2 studies with flying colours and on top of that, he has joined the Charter Accountancy in CCMA college.

However, his journey from Mahankal Sec School, Kavrepalanchowk to CCMA, Kathmandu came with lots of highs and lows. After securing distinction in SLC he was put in a pressure to study Science by his parents and teachers. However he convinced himself to study Management but again the shift from government school to English medium college in a different environment was itself a huge challenge for someone like him who came from a village and was quite an introvert. After completing his grade 12 with excellent results, he was clear to join CA but again financing was a huge hurdle. Given the growth he had demonstrated in two years of fellowship, Samaanta Foundation, extended his fellowship contract for next 4 years till his CA courses. With continuous efforts to adapt in the new surrounding and focus to capitalize the most out of the fellowship he showed a huge change in academics and personal domain. Utsav has really blossomed into a mature and responsible young adult. He eagerly participated in post-earthquake relief work, and he has been a great guide and inspiration to the new fellows.

Utsav’s parents are farmers who make their living by selling farm produce. He has an older brother and a sister. He is very enthusiastic about extra-curricular activities, and has won numerous awards in debates, quiz contests, and essay competitions.

I have completed school as well as college.

My school life is better than college life. My SLC was completed from Shree Mahankal secondary school which is a public school. In school, I was a participant in many programmes like debate competitions, quiz contests, essay writing, etc. Me and my friends organized sanitation programmes and statistical data collection programme. We collected data on smoking rates of people in the nearest village of the dalit community in Grade nine.

My +2 studies were completed from Pentagon International College which is a private college. We organized a programme in the college as well. We also organized some cultural exchange programs, but I preferred the programs that we had run in school.

After my SLC exams, I came to Kathmandu to get computer trainings and a course in English language. But I didn’t have any money to enroll in the course. Then, one of my relatives told me that what I needed was a job. My relative found a job in a computer shop for me but I only kept this job for a day. Instead I trained with the technician at the computer shop and learnt more about using computers.

I didn’t have any plan about which subject was I wanted to study before the SLC results came out. My parents had decided that I needed to study science.

Before my SLC, I didn’t know about the Samaanta Foundation. I found out from my headteacher that I could apply for a scholarship if I wanted to in Banepa. I took that exam and found out about the Samaanta Foundation that day. Finally, I was selected. I got a Samaanta Foundation Fellowship. When the SLC results came out, I found out I didn’t get distinction- and I decided to study Management for my +2.

Currently,  I’m studying Charter Accountancy in CCMA and simultaneously also pursuing another Bachelors degree in Business Studies from Shanker Dev College. I always believed in the fact that, one should always seek for possibilities where he or she can influence change in the society. Acknowledging the principle, I’ve started teaching in Monastic school, Mustang. Its been almost 7 months and I’m really happy with the experience.