Chahana Tamang

Twelfth Cohort

Chahana hails from the Kavre district and completed her SEE (Secondary Education Examination) from [School Name]. She resided with her uncle’s family, which included her two cousins attending the same school as her.

Her uncle and aunt primarily earned their livelihood as farmers, relying on agriculture as their main source of income. Given this financial situation, it would have been challenging for her uncle’s family to provide the necessary financial support for her continued education. Her only viable option was to work as a laborer to cover her school fees if she aspired to continue her education.

During her time at school, Chahana held the position of President of the Child Club and led the team in organizing a variety of programs, including debate competitions, quiz competitions, and sports events. In addition, she initiated several awareness programs addressing domestic violence and gender inequality within her community. Her profound understanding of the challenges she had faced and her innovative approach to finding solutions set her apart from her peers.

Chahana possesses qualities such as confidence, expressiveness, ambition, and a strong commitment to community service. She is currently pursuing her +2 education in the Management faculty at Nepal Mega College and aspires to become a proficient App Developer in the future.