Mamita Giri

Twelfth Cohort

Mamita resided with her mother and her elder sister in Parsa. The loss of her father approximately four years ago placed her on the brink of dropping out of school. Despite the challenging circumstances, Mamita’s mother has played a pivotal role in her life, consistently providing encouragement for her to pursue her studies. Her mother is primarily engaged in agriculture where she cultivates crops such as paddy, wheat, and mustard.

Throughout her academic journey, Mamita has consistently demonstrated exceptional academic excellence. In addition to her dedication to her studies, she was actively engaged in two clubs at school, namely the Child Club and the Shanti Club, and spearheaded various awareness initiatives. Her maturity and sense of responsibility were evident as she often assumed the role of a mediator in resolving conflicts among her fellow students at school. 

Despite encountering various forms of gender discrimination in society, given her family’s composition of five daughters, Mamita’s determination to excel in her studies remains unshaken. She is committed to making the most of the opportunities presented to her and to her personal growth.

As a Fellow of the Samaanta Foundation, Mamita is currently enrolled at V.S. Niketan College and is pursuing her high school education in the management faculty.