Prabin BK

Twelfth Cohort

Prabin hails from Lamjung and is part of a family consisting of six members, including his grandmother, father, two younger brothers, and his mother. His father had been working in Saudi Arabia four years ago but has since returned to Nepal and is engaged in agricultural activities in their village. Prabin’s mother and grandmother both manage their household, while his younger brothers are currently pursuing their studies in grade 1 and grade 5.

Prabin had set his sights on furthering his education in Besisahar, with a focus on the field of education. Recognizing the financial constraints of his family, he understands that their support for his education may be limited he wanted to prepare for a military career in hopes of job security. 

Despite these circumstances, he has consistently demonstrated his versatility as a student. He served as the President of the child club and actively participated in both inter-school and intra-school events such as sports, quizzes, and speech competitions. Prabin also assumed the role of Chairperson for the community child club and remains actively involved in the youth club within his society.

Currently, Prabin is pursuing a degree in Management at Nepal Mega College. He is characterized by his determination and dedication to overcome challenges and achieve his goals.