Pratik Nepali

Twelfth Cohort

Pratik hails from the quaint village of Karkitar, situated near Sukute in the Sindhupalchowk District. His family’s primary source of livelihood revolves around agriculture, and in addition to that, his parents generate a modest income through tailoring and playing musical instruments. Notably, Pratik’s father has recently returned home from foreign employment, having spent five years working abroad.

In his family, Pratik has a younger brother currently in the 9th grade at the same school. His daily journey to school entailed a one-hour walk. Regrettably, his options for further education were constrained, with his only local choice being Khaadichaur. However, the subject offerings at that institution are severely limited, and Pratik’s ambition to pursue a Science education was not available there.

During his academic journey at school, Pratik actively participated in a wide array of activities, including singing, debating, essay writing, and sports competitions. His involvement extended to various inter-school competitions as well.

Pratik says “I come from a Damai Community, a community in which parental expectations for their children are often modest, and role models are in short supply. So I aspire to become an exemplar in my community.” 

His maturity, thoughtfulness, and strong opinions set him apart. Pratik is known for his unwavering motivation, expressive nature, and articulate communication skills.

After joining the Samaanta Foundation as a 12th Cohort Fellow, he is pursuing his higher education in the Faculty of Science at Nepal Mega College. He aspires to pursue a career as an Engineer.