Sabita Giri

Twelfth Cohort

Sabita resided with her family in Dang, which included her mother, father, younger brother, and sister. Her father is currently working in India for employment, while her mother is a homemaker. Her brother is in the 2nd grade, and her sister is in the 8th grade, attending the same school where Sabita pursued her education.

Her sole option to continue her education further was at a government college in Tulsipur. There, she had the potential to study science, provided the continued support from her headteacher. Sabita actively participated in a Learning Fair, where she led efforts to raise awareness about dengue. Additionally, she is a valuable member of the child club and has contributed to the organization of programs aimed at addressing the issue of child marriage. Sabita’s involvement extends to various school activities, including participation in quizzes, speech competitions, and debates. Furthermore, she has dedicated herself to community service activities, such as temple construction and environmental clean-up efforts.

Sabita is distinguished by her, unwavering confidence, and exceptional communication skills. Her vibrant and outgoing personality shines through in her interactions.

As a 12th Cohort fellow of the Samaanta Foundation, Sabita is pursuing her higher education at V.S. Niketan College in the faculty of Management.