Suman Chaudhary

Twelfth Cohort

Suman hails from Dang and is part of a family of four members, including his father, mother, younger brother, and himself. His father has been employed in Saudi Arabia for the past two years, while his mother is engaged in farming. Suman’s younger brother is currently in the 8th grade, attending the same school where Suman completed his Secondary Education Examination (SEE).

Suman initially attended a private school until reaching the 6th grade. However, due to worsening family financial conditions, he had to switch to a government school later on. The burden of debts incurred for home construction has compelled his family to make significant efforts to make ends meet. Unfortunately, these circumstances made it nearly impossible for Suman to pursue further education. His sole option was to continue his education in a public school, where the academic offerings were limited. 

Suman has always been an active member of his School and his community, he participated in the Rastrapati Running Shield and also contributed to his neighbourhood in their clean-up efforts during the dengue outbreak. Suman is a sincere and diligent individual, known for his unwavering commitment and hard work. Currently, he is pursuing Management at Nepal Mega College.