Suraj Yadav

Twelfth Cohort

Suraj is from the Dhanusha district and lived with his parents, whose major challenge is their unstable source of income. Their primary occupation, which is farming, only manages to provide enough to sustain their immediate family. Suraj also has an older brother who is employed in Malaysia. Given these circumstances, he was at a significant risk of discontinuing his education.

Throughout his academic journey, Suraj has consistently demonstrated diligence and excellence. He actively participates in various activities within the student clubs at his school and maintains a keen interest in the current political landscape of the country. He possesses a profound understanding of prevalent social issues such as gender inequality and the inadequate quality of education in the nation. One of his most notable accomplishments involves leading a successful protest at his school, where he and his peers demanded improvements to the ineffective school management system. Suraj is known for his thoughtful, opinionated, and enthusiastic nature.

Presently, he is enrolled at V.S. Niketan College in Tinkune, Kathmandu, where he is pursuing a high school degree in the Management faculty.