Yubraj Mahat

Twelfth Cohort

Yubraj is part of a family of five members residing in the Sindhupalchowk district. His family includes his grandmother, his parents, and his younger brother.

His parents own a small plot of land and are primarily engaged in agricultural activities, with millet being a significant crop they cultivate and sell. Additionally, his father occasionally takes on manual labor in the village, although health complications make it challenging for him to do so. Yubraj’s younger brother is currently enrolled in the eighth grade at the village school.

During his time at school, Yubraj held the position of Chair of the child club and was an active member of the ‘Hamro Palo’ community group. He is deeply passionate about instigating positive change within his community, particularly concerning the issues of limited access to healthcare and the prevalence of superstitious beliefs.

Presently, Yubraj is pursuing a degree in Management at Nepal Mega College. He is characterized by his determination to make a difference in his community and beyond.