Movie: Moonlight

Director: Barry Jenkins

Producer: Asthon Sanders

Release date: 2016\10\21(United States)

Cast: Trevante Rhodes\Andre Holland\Janelle Monate

Runnng time: 1hrs 53min

Award: Oscars\74th golden globe awards

Budget: $1.5 million

Box office: $65 million

The movie is based on 3 stages of the life of main character child, young and the adult stage. In child stage, the character is Alex Hibbert and adult character is Ashton Sanders as a (Chiron). This movie expresses the problem of adult’s and teenager’s life. Chiron is hero of this movie. He faced a sexual identity crisis and for this reason, he was often bullied, teased and even beaten by his family. Amidst such a suffering life, one day he meets his friend Juan who becomes his guidance to  life. As a good friend Juan advises Chiron to make his own life. Chiron wants to make his own life but his mother was a drug addict which is why Chiron despised her.

This movie is a representation of those teenagers who are facing similar type of abuse; emotional and physical.  I loved this movie because it includes the real problem of all young boys. When I watched this movie, I remembered the time when I faced similar issues. During my hardships, my prayers were hardly listened and I could hardly find support. The realistic theme of the movie is based on real story of all the teenagers and the moral lies with how to empathize with the teenagers dealing with such problems.