Reviewed By Anjana

Bagaicha ma dherai ful haru xan tara

malai gulaf ko ful mann parxa……

sansar ma dherai filmharu baneka xan tara

malai secret superstar nai mann parxa……

There are so many dreams and wishes but all dreams have its limitations. But to be able to pursue one of those beautiful dreams, we need to be focus, determined and then perphas we can taste success. I could feel the same thing in the recently watched movie Secret Superstar produced by Amir Khan. Ensu (Zaira Wasim) and Chintu (Amit Trived) are the friends who provides the life changing platform to the girl who then begins to live life she could have ever dreamed of.

The film unfolds as the young lady Ensu pursures her dream to go in the singing competition. Watching the reality singing competitions in the TV she aspires to be one of those winner and her dream of showcasing her talent of signing motives her. She is agitated by her father.And there was one point at the movie,When Ensu’s  Father came home and he told to shattered her laptop this point in the movie moved me emotionally.l I felt angry because of her father’s behavior to daughter. He had to know that his daughter has also some dream in her life he did not think about her future and trust in superstition that girls cannot go to school. And one day daringly questions her mother if she would leave her father for his troubling behavior. She cannot look that and she cries. Her mother’s love for Ensu is uncompromised as on one instance she sells her jewelry to buy her a laptop. She also gifts her a guitar i order to encourage her daughter to sing.

The laptop she received became a turning point in her life as she used laptop to put her video in youtube. Having no idea to how to use it and she was overwhelmed by the tons of views,  subscribers, likes and comments so on. Due to the fear of revealing her identity she wears Burqa. One day she leaves her school to meet the fabulous judge Shakti Kumar as (Amir khan). Chintu helped to call him and she goes to Delhi for recording her first album Nachidi fera. It becomes overnight sensation.

Although one part of Ensu was already a sensation in the media stream, her studies was getting worse therefore her father decided to drop her off and get her married. Enough of the agitation, her mother files a divorce against her father only to help her daughter get the fame and success she always deserved. Finally, in an event Ensu discloses her identity becoming an inspiration to thousands of girls around globe.

I think the role represented by  Ensu  is important because she had make her own dream and she was good in singing. If she had not dreamed that this I wouldn’t have been able to watch this film .we can relate this movie in to our society and this  movie  can change someone’s life in reality. It’s the movie that represent the narrow perspectives of the elderly people about way.

He used to think that the girl should not sing the song, they should get married in time. He wanted to get married her daughter with rich person. he did not want to see her daughter as a singer. He had such kind of traditional belief. so I think he become strict. but I do not think that his thought was right. he should have allowed her daughter to sing.