Arika Khanal (9th Cohort)

I finished my 10th grade  and I was waiting to go to the college.

After a long interval of around 8 months, things were getting back to normal. All the institutes that were closed due to the world wide pandemic started to open as well. The classes were entirely virtual before and I was excited to know that now I’ll be continuing my grade 11 classes in the college itself.

I’m currently studying Science (Biology) at Nepal Mega College, Kathmandu. The college is not so far from my hostel so, it was not difficult for me to reach there on time. At the very first day of my college, I didn’t know anybody. I was a bit nervous to meet teachers and my new college friends. I thought I won’t be able to interact with them. But the things went way better than I thought. I went to the college and then to my class. At first everyone was new to me so I was not feeling easy to talk to them. But, slowly things got easier when teachers made us introduce ourselves and interact with each other; we also shared where we live and what are our hobbies. 

At the very first day we didn’t study a lot so, I got time to interact with my classmates. Teachers came to our class and just revised lessons they taught us during online classes. I was glad to make new friends the very first day. Also I found the college very beautiful and I liked the classrooms. Further, I thought the teachers were also nice and helpful.

So overall I want to say that, my first day was very interesting and I hope my other days at the college would also be productive and fun. I feel lucky that despite of the challenges I got this opportunity to study further. And I believe that I will utilize all available college resources for my growth and better learning experience.