Some of our fellows come from the most remote parts of the country. Pema, for instance, hails from Humla, and the conditions there are so difficult that she only gets to visit once every few years. After taking two flights from Kathmandu, she has to walk at least two full days before she reaches home. She has documented her life in the village during her recent trip home, and we present her photo narrative here. Pema has come a long way, literally and figuratively, since becoming a Samaanta fellow, and her story is the perfect encapsulation of our belief that it is the lack of opportunity, not ability, which limits the potential of public school graduates from rural and marginalized communities.

My hometown Humla which is located in the north western region of the Nepal in the Himalayan mountain range, bordering Tibet. Also Humla is considered as one the most remote area, reachable only by foot or small domestic aircrafts. Which are irregularly landing in the district head quarters, Simikot. My journey from Kathmandu to the Nepalgunj has been very interesting because that was my first experience to solo travels through the airplane. I haven’t got any known friends or people while flying. When I entered into the Tribhuvan International Airport I was all alone though I didn’t have to face any difficulties and problems inside cause pre-managed of tickets activities and my confident level. Within two days I was safely reached in my hometown. After a yearlong I got to keep steps on my birth land, I became very much happy and I feel myself one of the lucky person in the world. This is all because of Samaanta Foundation. Sometime I use to thinking that I have done some great thing in my before life so now I got Samaanta Foundation as greatest gift from the god. I am very thankful towards the Foundation’s members. Your love and supports I even unable to express in words.

This is the picture of my village. There are about 70 numbers of houses and there we can also see so many fields where our villagers grow kinds of crops and vegetables. They take those fields as base of their living. Villagers are very near depends in farmer occupation. They are very hard working and passion. Due to dry soil, rocky fields, and low growing power of soil’s people couldn’t bring good income (results) from fields, they do more hard work in the field but grow very low. Though they are very much happy with their income and they become easily satisfy with what they have. There villagers are very much helpful and kinds towards each other. They know how to treat people and how to become happy. Their greatest suspend of becoming very close with each other is they avoid types of discriminations such as Menstruation pratha, caste domination, level domination etc. They are believed in Lord Buddha and they abide his lessons. There people are very much spiritual and god believer. And next greatest culture is olds are not need be hate and helpless. From previous period they are learning to love their dad, mom and olds people. So, they respect their parents. But among them some are not like what I describe. Some are behave extra and negative with their family and villagers.

My home, first from left.

Our houses are in these structures. Houses are made by mud, stones, woods, and soil etc. Normally it is in three layers step. Under one is Ghot for domestic animals, middle one is for villager themselves and top one is specially for puja room or use to beds for people themselves or for Pahuna.

My school from where i began formal education.

This is my first school where I have enrolled class 1. From this school I have completed my two years grades 1 and 2. And from this school I have got to know the words ‘Ka’, ‘Kha’, ‘A’, ‘B’. And this government school of our village. Here so many students like me got to study in this building still this building is on use. Now this school is lower secondary school 1-7 class.

Now, villagers are on the process to make new building for the quality class room. In the pictures we can see the collected stones and woods that are for new building. And I hope they will make beautiful building soon for their students.

“Everyone needs to have access both to grandparents and grandchildren in order to be a full human being.” –Margaret Mead

My loving grandparents. They look so beautiful together

They are my grandparents from my mother. My grand ma is now 54 years old and grand pa is are very kind hearted and positive thinker. They believe in tradition, they are the old concept people but their behavior definitely not like uneducated. They believe in education and they well known about important of women education so we haven’t get to face difficulties against study and schooling. But they always encourages me to study well and do focus on my career. They do inspire me through telling so many motivational stories and incidents. And their hundred and one percent supports, love, care, and encouragement help me to do best in my life and motivate me to do hard work. Now they are become old, usually they are unable to do difficult works. And my only wish is I could make them happy by brings good results in exam and will do something great in life.

My mother is my role model.

She is my mother, now she is 40 years old. Mother! A vast honors word, full of love, feelings, emotions and care that can’t be expressed in words. My mother is not only my parent but she is my best friend, helper, guider and a well-wisher. She is the one who brings me up, gives courage to face the difficulties. My mother is the one who can sacrifice everything for our happiness and best. When she was 33 she became single my father passed away and leave all the responsibilities on her. At that period we all were very small. About 8 years she lives her single life and she grown us up by herself. She faces so many pains, problems, and difficulties during that time which I even couldn’t imagine. She always tried to make us happy like other children. Her contribution towards us is priceless and uncountable. So, she is my idol person and my role model. I learn so many things from her. I love her so much.

My little bother, who’s just a year old.

Before a year ago she has got second married. In her age of 39 she has gave birth to this cute baby brother. And my step father is very good by heart though he is not very rich. He loves my mom so much this is very good thing for us. And I wish her new life will go with love, happiness and good day ahead.

My perfect family in one frame.

They are my sisters. I have three sisters. In picture standing (middle) right side of mom’s is mero pachi ko boini, she is now doing her See preparation. She studies well and she hard working too. Au pachi ko boini chai now absent xe. But she too is studying in grade 10. Both of them are study in same level. She is good in study than sister. And wearing black jacket is my small little sister. Her height I even hard to believe, actually she is taller than me. She is now studying in grade 7. She too is studying well. Fortunately, getting understanding parents, relatives and supportive NGOs and by our own talent all of us are getting golden chance to study.

This river is the public property of our village. An amazing thing is this is actually not cold water it’s the hot water falls. The temperature power of this water is here we can put the egg for minute, it boils the egg beautifully. People use to take bath here and villagers use this water in so many things. From this water we use electricity, and use in agricultural work.

This village is we can found in the way while we walking Simikot to our village. In this village there mostly live Bhraman, Chettri, Dalit, etc caste people. Their cultures are totally different from our culture. And this is the only place where villagers crop the paddy.

These are the roads in my place. Like above picture the road condition in my homeland is very poor and bad. There are rocky fields and more hills so we have to faces many problems related to the roads.

There are so many beautiful scenarios in my hometown. My hometown is covered of all the things i.e bad, good ever things. Bad thing is my home town is one of remote and undeveloped. And good thing is there is fresh air, clean environment, clean water, sanitation, and my village is full of natural beauty.

This is the biggest river in our place. People utilize this river in many activities like hydro power production, in agricultural sectors, for drinking water, for animal, and also good for Tourists. Thick greenery forest covers this river.

This is winter view, snow covered everywhere beautifully. This was the time when we were preparing for SLC examinations. And they are my class mates and junior friends. In winter especially in the months of Poush, Magh, and Falgun it is the timing of snow fall. So, small classes’ students have 1 to 2 months winter vacation but for grades 8,9,10 we need to study also in the winter season.

This is my school where I spent 8 years. This school name is Shree Mahabauddha Secondary. In my school there are mostly all the facilities such as, big play ground, good toilet, library, good class room and quality desks and benches, big building activities, computer lab and good education system. So, our school is nominated in quality education among all the school in the Humla district. From this school I have done my SLC and I have learnt very things.

This is the only airport of the Humla district, which is located in Simikot (Head Quarter). Simikot is like small town, where is the facility of all the things. There is facility of hospital, colleges, private school, different kinds of NGOs office, network etc.

In many places this type of Bridges are on used for safety way.

My home town is rich in Rocky trains. Due to this type of geographical condition my hometown is be back in the entire infrastructure mainly transportation. It is very danger to walk and work near it.

This is the photo of our kitchen. In our place people choose big and good room for kitchen, and they try to make kitchen beautiful and clean. Every activity is done in the kitchen. After gathering of all the family members we get ready to have dinner.