Dear all,

This is Samaanta’s 12th year of supporting the Fellows. 

The second One More Fellow campaign for 2024 ran from the 1st of October to the 15th of December. The main objective of this campaign was to raise awareness that even small contributions can make a difference to our organization. We also had the mission to utilize  our experiences to promote Samaanta’s mission and vision of providing access to quality higher education for public school graduates and empowering them to be a changemaker. We created a rigorous plan through draft planning and discussion to narrow down our  ideas. We also obtained suggestions from our staff, alumni, and board members. We reached over 2000+ individuals and established connections with villages, schools, colleges, and  friends including 18 organizations. Fellows organized Deusi Bhailo,  which is   is celebrated during the Tihar festival by dancing and singing together.  The fellows gathered together to have fun and also raised funds The fellows also conducted presentations about Samaanta at schools and  in different organizations and colleges for fundraising . For this year’s fundraising campaign #OneMoreFellow2024, Samaanta Fellows initiated this campaign with the desire to Pay It Forward.  We succeeded in raising our targeted amount of USD 4000 (NRs. 7,11,010) to provide a fellowship for one deserving student for 2024.

Samaanta Fellows playing Deusi Bhailo to support the  #OneMoreFellow2024 campaign

Through direct engagement with donors and collaboration with Fellows, it helped me  enhance my communication skills. I achieved outcomes beyond initial expectations and was able to generate alternative solutions to issues as they came up.  It has also helped to expand my technical knowledge. – Rachita Shrestha, 8th cohort

Convincing and communicating with others about our campaign was not easy. However, I got support from my friends in collecting funds, starting with those closest to me. This initial step helped me boost my confidence to reach out to a broader audienceSurya Prakash Bajgai Swar, 12th cohort.

This campaign has broadened and improved our project management skills while bringing awareness about our organization to new donors. We can’t wait to share more updates on our fellow’s journey/experiences in the next report.