Muna Gurung (11th Cohort)

It’s me Muna Gurung from Marsyandi Rural Municipality-2 Ghanpokhara Village, Lamjung a
remote part area of Nepal. I completed my SEE exam from a government school named Shree
Tribhuwan Secondary School. Similarly, I am currently studying at Nepal Mega College, a
private college located in the Kathmandu district. I have had the experience of living in a rural
area as well as living in a developed city like Kathmandu.

Throughout my life, I’ve had many turning points – both good and bad. Sometimes, our
decisions can cause a turning point in our life. Many times, in my life I have made a wrong
decision, but I have also made many good decisions that have made my life better. These events
in in life can be turning points that can cause individuals to better ourselves. They can make us
learn more about ourselves and our lives, and force us to never take anything we have for
granted. The biggest turning point in my life was the Samaanta Foundation.
I consider Samaanta as my second family. I believe that Samaanta is the first step toward my
success. I consider Samaanta as my golden opportunity. Samaanta Foundation taught me that to
change society and community, first, we have to change ourselves. Sometimes even though we
try our best, we fail. Samaanta also taught me that if we are passionate about anything, we can do
anything we want to do. If we get the opportunity and grab it properly then nothing is impossible
in life. I have learned a lot from the Samaanta Foundation, the habit of helping others, and
becoming the voice for others. Now, I can see lots of changes in me: I can raise my voice in my
society and I believe that I can inspire others too. I became independent in a way after I came to
Samaanta. I learned how to respect juniors as well. My thinking ability has changed drastically.

If I were not selected in Samaanta, my family would have forced me to marry right away. I
would have to stop my studies due to family reasons. Samaanta Foundation is a ray of light in
my life. After coming to Samaanta, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I learned
how to be happy with whatever I have. Now I never compare myself with others. I can easily
approach others for help and I am always ready to help. I believe in learning from failure rather
than celebrating failure.

Further, after coming to Samaanta Foundation, I have had the opportunity to learn and explore
new things. The major learning till now is to be independent, understand time's importance,
manage staying away from home and family without difficulties, participate in group and
community activities, and be helpful and supportive. “Paying it forward” was one important
value I have learned about. Additinally, I have understood that every dark day can be changed by
one’s progress and hard work. Moreover, through Samaanta Foundation, I realized that to
understand others I have to understand myself first.

Everyone loves their mother and native land more than heaven, be it the best of human beings or
animals. Clean air, clean water, and greenery all around at my home in Ghanpokhara, are heaven
for me. Being able to move from a small place to the biggest and most developed city
Kathmandu, I was very excited but also a little nervous. I was very happy that I would get quality
education after going to Kathmandu. I realized that if we want something new we have to get out
of our comfort zone. I never had to miss my family because Samaanta never made me miss my
family. With the support and love of the senior sisters and friends at the hostel, Samaanta
Foundation has given me a golden opportunity as well as a second family with lots of love, care,
and support. Similarly, even though I completed my school life in a government school,
Samaanta Foundation has given me a great opportunity to enroll in a quality private college for
high education. It was my first experience entering a private institution for higher-level

I used to be one of the best-known students in school, but when I went to Kathmandu, I met
friends who were better than me and I got the experience that we should never embrace the
feeling that we are always the only ones. During my free time, when I went for a walk with my
senior sisters, I got the opportunity to learn directly about some religious places in Nepal which I
had read about in books. I have learned to love, honor, and respect my friends as well. Samaanta
Foundation is providing me with more inspiration and encouragement. Samaanta Foundation is
providing a great contribution to shaping myself.

Everyone in their life experiences a tragic event that brings a state of hopelessness. Whether it
may be large or small these occurrences change us mentally or physically and shape us into the
people we are today.

Toward the beginning of my higher education, I was uncertain about which college I would
attend. The process of adjusting to a private college in Kathmandu was a little difficult because I
had never been to a private institution before. I not only wanted to get an education but also want
to explore everything else. Meeting people from other places and learning how their culture
differs from ours interested me.

In every situation, we have to draw conclusions and make useful lessons. I have met a lot of
people and they are all different‚ as well as their way of life and their outlook on life. Some of
them learn from their mistakes and constantly use their own life experiences‚ while others fall
under the influence of the external side. No doubt that it is challenging but also interesting at the
same time. I am forever grateful to Samaanta Foundation for being my important turning point in