By Manisha Deshar

I am the one who has been trapped in the unusual enclosure, I don’t know how it happened but it’s just happened in the journey of my life. And the  only thing I know is , how it feels to be trapped by something for such a long. I was so weak at the time. I was so fragile, soft, delicate and fuzzy. If I tried to break it, it would hurt me. It was the life like in hell. I just couldn’t live my life as I desired and I wish to live. It was like a living body with lifeless soul. But a little hope was there that one day I will be free. I will be able to break that all the walls, that all the boundaries and enjoy my freedom.

One thing was for sure, if I hadn’t tried, I wouldn’t have been able to get out from the trap and my dreams would die with me, just leaving my dead body there. And it was not the thing that I wanted to in my life. So I started to challenge my limits. I was challenging my physical limits, I don’t want to be any more to be soft, to be delicate, to be fuzzy. I wanted to be more strong so that I could break the boundaries. I wanted to be bolder and confident enough to challenge every situation and make my aim came true. So I was preparing myself for the day, the day when I would be free from all the circumstances, I was paying my hardships on building myself to break all the boundaries.

I had gone through many sufferings and pain. And yes that day came true, the day I was dreaming for when my hardship paid off. Finally i was able to I break that yes I did, and I fell into the soft green grass, it was just like falling into the heaven. The most beautiful day of my life. I was just enjoying the moment. And I was just sitting and observing the beautiful nature. There were the beautiful flowers, with sweet fragrance, it was the place like paradise. I saw some butterflies too who were playing with flowers, flying in the sky.

Then I thought to return back in my home, then I noticed something unusual thing in me. I was different than before. I was more distinct. I had a beautiful color combination and wings like fairies. I just thought it was dream but for now it was real. I desired  to fly and YES!!!! I could. WOW it really feels awesome. It was the day when I discovered that I am also one of them, a beautiful butterfly.