Sunita Nepali

9th cohort Fellow

0n 17th April, I attended an orientation program organized by United World College, Nepal. The program lasted for two days in Educational- Farm at Chhampi, Lalitpur. First, we gathered at Shree Krishna Sadan with our guardian and attended an orientation session about UWC. During the session I found out about the founders of UWC, their profiles, and reasons behind its establishment. They also informed us about the National committee.

After that, our guardians returned home and we all, UWC fellows, went to the orientation field. We reached Education-Farm at around 12pm, we then got our schedule and they also gave us a briefing. Then we freshened up and had our lunch. After that, we were divided in a few groups by the program facilitator and conducted group/ team building activities. The activities were so creative and interesting. It made me aware about how to work in group for achieving our common goals.

I was able to learn new ideas and the group activities helped me to know about other UWC scholars.

The UWC alumnus, who recently graduated were also with us for support. They were very helpful and humble. I personally asked them about their experience and time while in UWC and they shared it with me. Then we discussed the problems that might be happening in UWC and also talked about their solutions. Along with that, we also talked about Personal hygiene, Mindfulness, Personal space and some other related topics. Around 7:30, we ate our dinner and gathered in a room to discuss the group activities which we had to perform the next day. After that we went to our beds.

The next day, we woke up and went for a morning walk.

The environment around the farm was very clean, pleasant and quiet. We saw the beautiful sun rising, wheat crops and small hills from Chhampi. I captured some pictures of the rising sun. There were small cottages that looked attractive. After the energizing morning walk, we did yoga and it was very refreshing. After that we performed our cultural activities/presentations in groups and the winners were awarded. We also performed a song, all being in a group, playing madal and reflecting our Nepalese culture.

Earlier I was happy to get selected for the UWC scholarship but, I was still confused. I didn’t know much about UWC and I was scared and happy at the same time. In those two days, I think I learnt more about UWC and felt blessed for this opportunity.

For me, those moments were informative and are unforgettable. I would like to thank Samaanta, my new friends and the facilitators for this experience.