Who Are We?

Samaanta Foundation is an initiative that aims to promote equality and empowerment by providing quality higher education opportunities to students from poor socio-economic backgrounds. The Foundation provides comprehensive fellowships to meritorious students to cover their educational and associated costs, and helps create an enabling environment for the fellows to succeed in school and beyond.

Vision & Goal

To create and sustain a critical mass of Samaanta fellows from disadvantaged and marginalized communities throughout rural Nepal to empower a network of change-makers.

Our goal is to provide talented public school graduates from rural areas with access to quality higher education.

Our values


We believe in equality of opportunities and that educational opportunity is the route to a more equal society. We treat all our fellows equally, regardless of caste, class, gender, religion, or geography.



We believe in empowering individuals to become change makers in their communities. Our fellowship is tailored to ensure that our fellows do not only get academic degrees but also equip themselves with skills to act decisively.


Service and Leadership

We believe strongly in the need for our fellows to serve their communities, and to lead by example. We require our fellows to engage in service projects each year to inculcate their sense of giving and hone their leadership skills.


Paying it forward

Samaanta Foundation was founded on the principles of “paying it forward”. The founders have benefited from the numerous scholarships they have received throughout the world and are giving back through this Foundation. We work with our fellows to inspire them to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others, when they are able to do so.