Our fellowship is comprehensive to account for all the direct and indirect expenses associated with meaningful access to higher education. The fellowship covers the cost of tuition, accommodation, books, and stationaries, uniform, exam and other college fees, and monthly stipends, as well as training, workshops, and other extra-curricular activities.

The average annual cost per fellow is as follows:
High School: USD 2000
Bachelor’s: USD 2,500


We mainly rely on institutional funding and individual contributions:

Institutional funding

Institutional funding from Foundation Care for All and FCFA and Home loan experts (HLE)

We receive annual contributions from FCFA and HLE.

Private contributions from individuals

In addition, we receive limited tuition waivers, some contribution from parents and anticipate payback from graduates.

Tuition waivers

We receive limited tuition from partner schools and few HSEB scholarships. We have successfully negotiated limited tuition waivers from our partner schools both at the high school and bachelor’s level.

Parental contribution

We ask the parents to contribute towards the cost, an amount of their choosing. We place no condition on the amount, but simply expect them to contribute as much as they can towards their children’s education. We recognize that many parents are unable to do so. More than the financial aspect, we expect that this provision will help the fellow and their family to own their education.

(This has been paused in 2015, after the Nepal earthquakes, because of the devastating impact on fellows and their families).

Payback from graduates

The financial support in high school is entirely on a grant basis. However, we require our fellows who complete bachelor’s degrees with our support to pay back a certain share of the costs once they are earning decent income.

This is yet to come into effect as our first batch of fellows will graduate in 2018.

As we expand the fellowship, our annual costs have been growing exponentially since our inception. We need your continued support to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our deserving fellows.